Interview by Ramin Zahed about the film for Animation magazine

French artist Franck Dion has made splashes at Annecy in years past with his shorts Edmond Was a Donkey (2012) and The Head Vanishes (2016). This year he’s back with a new project that he says he made as a response to his previous work. “I think it was a failure since I spent a year and a half working to get a result that was not at all what I wanted to do,” he recalls. “It was extremely frustrating and sad. I blamed myself very much, and this had the effect of accelerating the process of a depression that had been hanging over me for a long time.”

Inspiration arrived a couple of years ago when Dion worked on a video mapping project with Gael Loison and discovered the music of the Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones. “I immediately recognized in their music a very inspiring emotion,” says the director. “At the same time, while I was writing my first feature, I had the idea for a short film which featured a character unloved by its author.”